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NGS Range Professional Extension Ladders

This Lyte Extension range is professionally designed for heavy industrial work and frequent use. With the whole range being, tested, certified and manufactured to the new EN131-2 professional standard. Available in single, double and triple sections and now comes with a high quality stabiliser for maximum safety and stability.

NGS 120
Height: 1.93m
1 Section
NGS 125
Height: 2.43m
1 Section
NGS 130
Height: 2.93m
1 Section
NGS 135
Height: 3.43m
1 Section
NGS 140
Height: 3.93m
1 Section
NGS 145
Height: 4.43m
1 Section
NGS 150
Height: 4.93m
1 Section
NGS 160
Height: 5.93m
1 Section