The Lyte PAS250 HIPOD is on its way!

From January 2014 you can expect to start taking advantage of the new Lyte HIPOD. 

This product is the ultimate answer to complying with the new PAS250 regulation for podium steps and is tested and certified by BSI.

We have designed the product with input from our customers and as a result is has the following advantages over the competition:

  • Safe, secure and cleverly placed ballasts have been added to eradicate the need for stabilisers.  It was apparent that our customers wanted an easy to use product that would have to be dismantles and reassembled each time it is moved, the HIPOD is the answer!
  • Only one removable part, therefore reducing the risk of lost components.
  • All 3 sizes fit through a standard doorway without being dismantled.
  • The product is British made and therefore no long waits for delivery or buying in bulk to satify container quantities.

Download our specification sheet for more details and to learn more about PAS250 and what it means to the reseller and the user.

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