Bespoke Access

Bespoke Access

As Lyte is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of access equipment and produce all of our core products on site in Swansea, we have the advantage of catering for many customers with our bespoke access solutions.

Our Design and Production department have produced various types of access equipment to meet even the most challenging requirements and attention to detail and safety are paramount
when designing custom built access equipment.

Our ability to assess customers needs and fit the correct design of access equipment to the job in question, is second to none and has been utilised by numerous customers over our many
years in business.

Our team of skilled and qualified experts has a multitude of experience with access solutions for both small and large-scale projects.

We have successfully manufactured ladder and tower access solutions for many industry types such as:

• Aerial & Satellite
• Telecommunications
• Fire & Rescue services
• Road Haulage & Passenger Transport
• Rail
• Petrochemical
• Retail
• Universities
• Theme & Leisure Parks

In conjunction with some of these industries Lyte has compiled specific training courses and guidance notes to accompany the bespoke access solutions to ensure safe use of the product.